Meet the Team

Mike is the owner of Studio Eh Productions and not only leads his talented staff but also participates as a hands on member of the team. Mike is the principle photographer, videographer, and RPAS pilot for the team. Mike is also an RPAS instructor & flight reviewer for AOS.
​Myles is co-owner of Studio Eh Productions. He has a keen understanding of business and has an excellent background in marketing and sales. Myles is also a certified RPAS advanced pilot.
Meet The Team
Studio Eh Productions has a team of professionals that are ready, and able to serve our clients.
Doug is a talented photographer & videographer in his own right. He has a great eye for detail and is a valued member of the team. Doug also does post production work in the studio, additionaly Doug is also a certified RPAS advanced pilot.
Brad is a voice talent that is responsible for voicing thousands of radio spots world wide. Brad has a diploma in broadcast jounalism and handles the writing and voiceover duties for the company.