We believe that the customer comes first!
We want you to think of us as your in-house video production company and creative partner. Whether you need a web commercial, event video, corporate media communications, testimonial customer stories, explainer video, or coverage of live events, Studio Eh Productions will work with you to develop and produce engaging content that successfully connects with your audience.​​​​​​​

The heart of what we do is story telling. And we’ve been hard at work since 2004 telling many. When Bullet Music was morphed into Studio Eh Productions by owner and founder of Bullet Music, Mike Hoffman. Mike knew that producing videos was a team sport so he pulled together an amazing team of producers, writers, directors, editors and music composers that he collaborates with on projects. 

We are committed to work closely with your marketing department to help launch your company’s products and differentiate you from your competitors.

Lots of video production companies make pretty pictures. While we believe that’s important, the special ingredient we bring is our creativity, story telling and collaborative approach to making videos.